We offer several inexpensive, accurate, FDA approved drug tests that are easy to use in the privacy of your own home. As a parent, whether you are trying to prevent drug use, discover possible drug use, stop current use, or just be reassured that your teen is on the right road, home testing will help. Knowing the truth is the first step to a solution.

Northern Testing offers at-home drug test kits or you can bring your child into our office for drug and alcohol testing.

We will train you in the best techniques to use when screening your child and give you options for more advanced laboratory testing to confirm your at-home results.

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​ Fun  Facts

A Proactive Approach to Drug Abuse Prevention

  • ​Drinking a milkshake will not make your urine cold.
  • ​Second hand marijuana smoke will not make you test positive on a drug test.
  • Heated car seats will not make your urine too hot.
  • Using an old, outdated prescription is illegal.
  • Teenagers who consistently learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use drugs than those who learn about drugs elsewhere.
  • More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined.
  • Spice or K2 (synthetic marijuana) contains dried shredded plant material combined with chemical additives.
  • The average age of spice users is 12-29 years.
  • The onset of Bath Salts is 3-5 minutes after use; the effects last up to 8 hours.
  • A “Skittles Party” is when kids each bring a prescription  drug from home to a party. They toss the pills into a bowl and pass it around. One at a time, kids reach in and take a pill.
  • Hair testing can be divided into 30, 60, & 90 day segments to determine whether your child has used long term.
  • “Purple Drank” (Texas T, Purple Jelly, Suzzurp) is a mixture of prescription cough syrup, soft drinks and hard candies. This mixture can exceed 25 times the recommended dosage of cough syrup.
  • “Poppers”, “Snappers” or “Huffing” are commonly used inhalants (AKA:  air fresheners, computer cleaning spray, aerosol furniture polish, ...).


Drug and Alcohol Testing
Parent Information

Am I invading my child’s privacy? Testing can aid in parenting and is not intended to be an invasion of privacy. Testing can give the child an excuse to avoid peer pressure. They will thank you later, if you keep them drug free now. 

What if my teen says the test is wrong? The tests are 99% accurate, FDA approved and meet the same standards as employers and law enforcement tests. We also offer laboratory  confirmation with a doctor reviewing the test results if necessary.

What if my child takes prescription drugs? Some drugs can present as a positive test and a lab test with a doctors review can separate illegal drugs from legally prescribed drugs. Adderall, for example, will show positive for amphetamine but  not show as marijuana or methamphetamine. 

Does mouthwash interfere with a breath alcohol test? Yes. However, testing procedure requires that we wait at least 15 minutes after a positive alcohol test, then give a second test. That allows any “mouth alcohol” (from mouthwash for example) to dissipate. The second test is then the final, confirmed result

Can my teenager "trick" the test?  There is always that possibility, there are many products sold on the internet, however; we can educate parents on how to detect these products. We will also give instruction on “dilution” techniques and how to prevent this common method used to try to alter the drug test result.

Test Options

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​​We’ve spoken to many parents who are frustrated, scared and exhausted from worrying about their children being involved with drugs or alcohol.

The prospect that your child may be using illegal substances can be overwhelming. No one ever wants to think that it could be “my child”.  One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is to do nothing.

Children need to know that you love them too much to allow them to go down the wrong path. Testing can help; whether you are trying to prevent, discover or stop drug use. Drug testing, when used with disciplinary consequences, can be an effective way to help keep your children drug free.

Affordable drug testing allows parents to take control before experimentation or peer pressure creates serious problems in school, at home or at work.