Offices in Minot and New Town, ND       On Call 24/7 Serving all of​​ ND     701.839.4730 or Emergency 701.240.0550​​​​​

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Minot and New Town offices:

  • Walk-in service
  • Easy truck access
  • Post Accident, Weekend or Emergency testing, 24 hour service -  call (701) 240-0550 for after hours
  • Reasonable accommodations for alternate hours of testing in office or on site​

Our restroom: The “preferred” type of facility. That is, we have a separate room for urination from the hand washing area as described in 49CFR, Part 40.41(e). 

Certified Collectors: We have a staff of certified collectors to serve your needs and can provide copies of DOT Urine, alcohol and hair collection certifications upon request.

On site testing:  All North Dakota locations. On occasion we travel into Eastern Montana, from south of Baker to the Canadian Border for drug and alcohol testing. Bad weather would be the only restriction. Call our office to schedule random or on site "Wall to Wall" testing. 

Drug Testing: DOT & Non-DOT  is easy, convenient and inexpensive, customer service is second to none.  Our office in Minot is open for walk-in service; no appointments necessary, and we provide 24 hour service for emergency post accident or reasonable suspicion situations. 

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Minot, ND ​Office

​3108 S Broadway Ste E 
Minot ND 58701 

Phone:  701.839.4730

Emergency phone: 701.240.0550

​7:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

​​​​Northern Testing, Inc.

New Town, ND Office

99 Coop St

New Town, ND 

Phone:  701.839.4730
Emergency phone: 701.240.0550

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-Th

Located at the intersection of Hwy 23

Bypass and N Hwy 1804.