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Consortium & Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services

Alcohol Testing

​Northern Testing has breathalyzers that are both portable and meet DOT regulation for an evidential machine. We can test for alcohol in our office, at your shop or anywhere you need a test done. 

Types of substance testing available

  • Urine testing using both laboratory and instant testing
  • Hair testing, including a 30, 60 or 90 day (estimated) time frame through the hair
  • Saliva (this type of testing does not have a very long detection period, usually between 14 hours to 2 days)
  • ​DNA Testing for Paternity and Ancestry

DNA Testing​

We are proud to provide DNA testing for paternity purposes that will stand scrutiny by the courts. It is a simple, non-invasive saliva swab so no needles or blood draw is necessary. DNA testing for ancestry purposes is also available.

Urine Collection Services​

Northern Testing can collect for any employer, using any laboratory. We carry supplies for Quest, LabCorp, MedTox, CRL, Alere, Paml, OneSource, etc... We alter Custody and Control forms to match your company information for that one-time test when your employee is far from home. We carry supplies for Quest, LabCorp, MedTox, Paml, Omega and Psychemedics hair testing as well.

DOT 5-Panel

The DOT 5-panel drug test is the mandated urine drug test for all Federally Regulated employees. This includes FMCSA, FTA, PHMSA, FAA, Coast Guard and FRA. This drug test panel consists of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates and phencyclidine (PCP). 

Non-DOT Test Panels

Non-DOT test panels can be any configuration of substances you wish. Most frequently, they are either a 5- 9- or 10-panel drug test. These consist of any combination of marijuana, cocaine, opium, phencyclidine (PCP), benzodiazepine, barbiturates, oxycodone, oxycontin, amphetamine, meth-amphetamine, methadone, ecstasy and many, many others.

Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts and other substances of abuse

We also offer testing for substances that until just recently was unavailable. Our laboratory constantly updates their technology to keep up with the latest recipes and substances used in the illegal manufacture of substances such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana (aka K2 or spice).

Substance Testing

Offices in Minot and New Town, ND       On Call 24/7 Serving all of​​ ND     701.839.4730 or Emergency 701.240.0550​​​​​

Your Third Party Administrator (TPA) should not be dictating the parameters of your program. You tell us what you want, and we will create it, insuring your program meets applicable regulations. 

Consortiums for DOT regulated and Non-regulated random pools are managed in house, Northern Testing, Inc will not contract out your services. We use an internet based program where you can choose to manage your employee information or our expert staff can manage it for you. This program allows you to update personnel, view outstanding random draws, print and review test results as well as customize reports. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or custom random draws can be set up by percentage, number, job site or job classification or other criteria as requested. 

Northern Testing gives you the same personalized service you expect your employees to give your customers. Consortium members also receive free consulting and we can provide policy development and review. If you need technical advice or clarification on a regulation, we'll research the regulations and find an answer for any question regarding 49CFR, Parts 40, 382, 383, and 391.