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Driver Qualification Files

Companies that employ DOT drivers must maintain a driver qualification file (DQF) for each driver. This DQF must include a job application (in compliance with 391.21), copy of the most current driving license and medical card, a driving record authorization form and an annual motor vehicle record received from the state in which the driving license was issued.  The file must also include an annual listing or a violation certification relating to any moving violations the driver has received in the prior 12 month, updated each year.  We will contact previous employers of your driver for any safety issues or previous drug and alcohol testing history within the last three years.

Northern Testing makes this job easy, convenient and saves you time.  After running your background information requirements, we can compile the driver qualification files for each of your drivers into a nice 6-part classification folder tagged with the drivers’ name.  The file is then mailed to you as soon as it is complete.  You can concentrate on getting your drivers trained and on the road as soon as a negative test result is received.

Your applicant can complete the pre-employment paperwork here at our office at the time of initial drug testing or you can send us the paperwork by fax, mail or email. 

​Background Checks

​​We offer the following services:

  • Driving records and/or criminal background checks for your DOT and Non-DOT employees
  • A local and national criminal inquiry that includes a local and national sexual predator search with a social security address trace
  • Package pricing for criminal backgrounds and/or Driver Qualification Files (DQF) when submitted at the time of testing. 
  • ​Tenant checks, including a credit history and National eviction court searches.

You can have the background results sent to you in a 4 or 6 part classification folders if requested. Our Background Reports are completed within 24 hours (a few State searches may take longer). There is no need to wait 2 - 3 weeks for your pre-employment background check to be completed. 

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